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Vivian Keeler @ 954-610-9754 or 954-644-3859

Amazing Births and Beyond

2316 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood,FL. 33020




  1. Hi, Mickey Mongan has recommended I get in touch with you. I am based in the UK (and an HBCE) and am making a short ‘film’ (images strung together with commentary) to promote HB. once done I will make it freely available to all.

    I am writing to ask if you have any images you would be happy to share? Mickey mentioned your ‘amazing births slides’…

    With thanks for your consideration.

    Marina Colville

  2. hi,
    i’ve attended prenatal yoga at the boca site. now that my little guy is here, i saw you have baby yoga. he is 14 months old. is the class for his age? i read the term “baby” so i did not want to assume the age group. i’m looking for a yoga class for him and wanted to ask you folks as i enjoyed my classes in the past. thanks! geline

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