Posted by: amazingbirthsandbeyond | July 26, 2010

Cecile: Yoga Instructor

Boca Raton, FL–At Amazing Births and Beyond, not only do we have amazing clients, but we also have an incredibly amazing staff, one of them in particular, Cecile Lanao. Cecile is one of the many extraordinary and enlightened yoga instructors at Amazing Births and Beyond.

Cecile’s interest for yoga sparked about 6 years ago when she attended Bikram yoga. “From the moment I tried yoga, I could feel what a priceless gift it was,” said Cecile.  Practicing yoga has helped the chatter in her mind subside and a sense of space, stillness, and presence surfaced.

Cecile trained at the Sivananda program in South Florida while she was pregnant. She trained daily in the art of meditation, pranayama, asana and yogic philosophy. “It was incredible to go through it as a new mom and with another on the way,” said Cecile.

Through her training and various styles of yoga, she has designed a class, Om Mommy Prenatal Yoga, which addresses the physical demands of pregnancy and childbirth—she taught until she was 40 weeks pregnant. The yoga techniques explored in the class allows participants to nurture and open their bodies throughout every stage of pregnancy.

Cecile, who gave birth to both her children naturally and at home, said, “Your perceptions of childbirth have the biggest impact on the outcome of your baby’s birth.”  Pregnancy is an amazing experience and you should consciously prepare yourself and use pregnancy as a time of learning all you can.

Cecile recommends that any mothers-to-be join a prenatal yoga class; it is a way to create a support network. Many women at prenatal yoga classes want to experience natural childbirth. Having a supportive network that empowers each other can really make all the difference. Not just in the going natural part, but in how you experience your pregnancy as a whole.

Cecile offers her classes Thursday at 6:00 P.M. and Saturday 10:00 A.M.

About Amazing Births and Beyond:

At Amazing Births and Beyond we focus on women and their ability to birth normally and with ease. At Amazing Births and Beyond they understand the importance of support and guidance in making birth a positive lifetime memory. Please visit there you will find an array of helpful articles as well as information on Fertility, Chiropractic, HypnoBirthing, and Doula services they provide.


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