Posted by: amazingbirthsandbeyond | July 12, 2010


Below is a recent note from one of our expectant mothers….

this is why I LOVE teaching HypnoBirthing!!


Thank you so much for allowing my husband, Jason, and I to participate in Hypnobirthing class with you again.  Since we had already been through the birthing experience successfully once with our son Elliot, who was born in Nov. 2008, I wasn’t sure whether taking the class again was going to be worthwhile.  It turns out, we got just as much out of the class this time around as the first time… maybe even more so!  We were learning and thinking about having a baby from a whole different perspective.  So many things made so much more sense!  Jason and I looked forward to your class every week (we thought of it as “date night”) — and I always left feeling a little more excited than before.  When I left the last and final class last night… I feel more excited and ready than ever.  I am looking forward to the next month of final preparation and just can’t wait for this new little person to enter the world!  Really appreciate everything.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know once we have our baby (current due date is Aug. 10th).  Thanks SO SO much.


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