Posted by: viviankeeler | July 12, 2010

Determination and a Doula

I believe in the determination of Mothers. While attending a recent birth, a mother was given the news that her examination revealed many conditions that were highly unfavorable for a vaginal birth.  Her Dr. said that normally he would offer up an elective C-section since it was unlikely that this baby could be born vaginally. However, since he knew that she had taken HypnoBirthing and had a great doula by her side, he would give it a go if the mother was truly committed to a vaginal birth. She was!  We all ( including the Dr.) moved forward with positivity and determination.  Fourteen hours later, a beautiful 9lb. 4oz. baby boy was born vaginally, just as her Mother intended.  She never lost sight of her vision or let opinions break her confidence. The Dr. was blown away….

The power of a determined mother can overcome most anything.  I believe that we don’t always get what we deserve, we don’t always get what we want but we do get what we expect!


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