Posted by: amazingbirthsandbeyond | July 6, 2010


“When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.” ~Rumi

Sadly, this is exactly what many pregnant women do.  They seek the advice of women who have chosen an interventive, managed birth.   I’m not talking about women who have educated themselves and experienced special circumstances that took them down a different path for their birth.  I’m talking about women who either didn’t know their options or had no interest in experiencing birth naturally, for whatever reason.  In all honesty, how much unbiased advice can these women really share with someone seeking a more natural experience?  (But share they will…just ask any pregnant woman how much unsolicited advice she receives!)  As Rumi says, “They haven’t left home.”  The epidural rate in South Florida sits at a staggering 95-97%!  The cesarean rate hovers between 40-60% depending on the hospital!  How many have chosen midwifery care, homebirth, doula support or HypnoBirthing?  Women who have “traveled the path” are few and far between.

I have had the honor of seeing countless women experience glorious calm and peaceful births.  Empowering births…the kind that creates strong women and confident mothers…the kind that are changing our world.  I have also heard those same strong women say that they were uncomfortable sharing their beautiful birth experience with their friends.  That they “didn’t want to look like they were bragging” or they “didn’t want to make others feel bad about their medicalized choices.”   WHAT THE HECK??  Maybe your respectful sharing will be the first time that women has even heard of what birth can really be like.  Perhaps she will be silent as you share, or maybe she will utter something that you will mistake for an excuse for her choices.  But maybe, just maybe your sharing will cause her to investigate her own thoughts surrounding birth.  Being silent is not the answer.

So I say this…SHARE!  Share with strangers in the market, share with your friends, share with your mother, share your amazing birth with anyone who will listen!  You prepared for your journey, you left home and you have traveled the path.  You simply must share.  It’s your obligation to our world and our children!



  1. I agree! Share, share, share!

    I used to feel uncomfortable and akward telling my positive, homebirth stories, but have since changed my mind…I feel proud and happy!

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